Tuesday, June 4, 2013

bigbigbigday006 said: Two Wrongs Prim has to babysit sugared up toastbabys ;)


I can do this. They’re just kids.

I fucking hate Cato right now. I’m married to him but I hate him.

This started innocently. Katniss and Peeta needed ‘alone’ time.

Otherwise known as ‘we need to do it loudly before our heads explode’ time.

Trust me—those two can’t keep quiet for shit. I lived with them and managed to get some pretty sweet bribe gifts from them.

Cato can deal with them for five minutes. I just need five minutes of privacy—


God, India has a loud voice. Tiny fists pound on the bathroom door.

“In a minute, babe!  Auntie Prim is using the bathroom,” I tell her.

“Are you going number one or number two?”

“Who taught you that?”

“Uncle Rye.”


“Give me five minutes. Is Uncle Cato setting up the DVD for you?”

“No, he’s trying to find Milo.”

And Cato has lost the baby.

That’s what he gets for feeding them chocolate sundaes for dinner.

Milo, my nephew is three and so full of energy that he puts his sister to shame.

And all I need is five FUCKING minutes to urinate on a stick.

Getting up from the floor, I head to the toilet because my bladder is about to burst. Pulling my leggings down, I rip open the plastic foiling that covers the test. Removing the cap, I stick the test under me as I go for the allotted time before taking it out. Closing the cap, I place the test on the counter.

A loud scream is heard through the apartment followed by heavy footsteps and giggles.

It sounds like my husband has found Milo.

“Baby, are you in there?” Another knock interrupts my porcelain refuge.

“Yes. Can’t a woman take a damn bathroom break in this place?”

“DAMN! DAMN!” A tiny voice echoes cheerfully.

I’ve just taught my nephew how to curse. I look at the time and I see that I have one more minute.

“Okay…” Cato sounds concerned. “We’ll be here when you’re ready.”

I know I shouldn’t be so annoyed but the stress of work and this possibility is freaking me out. It doesn’t help that my sister and brother dropped the kids off after bringing them to Mitchell’s for ice cream and then Cato had to make them sundaes.

He’s a sucker for India’s baby blues.

I grab the test and look at it.


Holy shit.

Taking a calming breath, I clean up and then walk out into the hallway. I can hear the music playing from the DVD.

“Jump into your racing car


When I get into the archway, the sight causes me to melt. Cato is dancing with India and they look like Belle and the Beast in their own makeshift ballroom. India is wearing a tiara and she screams in happiness when Cato dips her.

Milo is jumping on the couch and singing the song on the television. I can already tell that he’ll have a great voice.

Peeta can’t sing for shit but my sister has some chops on her.

“I see you’ve come to join the ball,” Cato says to me and he dips India again. He looks over my nephew. “Just like I taught you.”

Milo jumps off the couch, his blond curls bouncing and then walks over to me.

“Dance off pheesh?” He bows clumsily before holding out his hand and I have to laugh.

Kneeling before him, I look into those grey eyes—my sister’s eyes—and then grin.

Maybe this will all turn out okay. I look over at Cato who is blowing a raspberry on India’s cheek. He meets my eyes and I can feel my heart skip.

Or maybe the baby jumped inside me. Either way, I’m suddenly excited.

I take Milo’s tiny hand in mine and curtsy in return. “Yes, I accept.”


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